Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Amazing Visit to Cypress Fairbanks - Week 1

The amazing Jennifer Lucas made these amazing videos (yes, I'm using the word "amazing" a lot). 

Some more of the wishes:


Love this greeting from Robison Elementary

The wonderful Jenny Daniell (left)

Check out the cool way that Robison students clapped for me:  

Here are the students at Andre Elementary telling me what their favorite book is (thank you, Shelli Mangum!!):

Yammering away to Hamilton students

Me doing my thing

With the VIP students at Hamilton

With the amazing and wonderful Jennifer Garstecki Lucas (right)

Yoohoo boat builders

Having lunch with the VIPs from Hamilton
Getting ready to dive into s'mores for dessert with (l to r) Kirby Larson, Kelley Book, chef, Jennifer Lucas, me

And a great big shout out to Keith Elementary School and Liz Budnek....we were so busy we got no pics!! Love y'all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hey Danielle H

I want to send the arc of Audacity Jones Steals the Show to the first commenter on my previous post - Danielle H - but I have no way to contact. 

Will you email me thru my website?

Audacity Jones Steals the Show

Just finished this beauty.

So much to love.

Audacity Jones Steals the Show by Kirby Larson


It has mystery and humor and adventure.

It has a cat and an elephant.

It has HOUDINI!!!

So many things to love about the writing.

I love how Kirby speaks to the reader so seamlessly, without pulling us out of the story. In fact, quite the opposite...she lets us in on the fun:

I know, dear reader, it causes you to shudder as it does me.

I love the absolute SEAMLESS incorporation of historical details:

Not a kid-leather boot nor starched pinafore to be seen in either direction.

Audie inhaled deeply of the automobile fumes, the horse dung, the frankfurter carts, the fishy aromas from the Hudson River. "Just smell all that life!" She turned in a complete circle, arms wide, opening herself to the wonders of Manhattan.

I adore the language, sometimes soft and lilting, sometimes just plain old sparkly:

It smelled of hay and apples and something else: The young thing reeked of sorrow.

A murmur wobbled its way through the crowd.

And Kirby has never been one to write down to young readers. She tosses in so many yummy words, like PERFIDY. 

So much to love about this one.


AND.....I'll send this ARC along to the first person to tell me in the comments that they would like it. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Love those North Carolina schools!

Today I got to speak to students from ELEVEN schools in Surry County, North Carolina.

What a great day!

Greetings from Nowhere is on the Battle of the Books list for North these schools were rocking it!!!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here ya go!

Thank you, Surry County Schools!

The Battle of the Books team at Rockford Elementary (Thank you for that great welcome sign!)


Rockford Elementary kids waiting for the presentation

Copeland Battle of the Books team

Dobson Battle of the Books team

Mountain Park Battle of the Books team

Rockford Battle of the Books team

(l to r) Tonya Fletcher, me, Sonia Dickerson. Thank you, ladies, for making this wonderful author visit possible.

Kids filing in to Franklin Elementary

Flat Rock Battle of the Books

White Plains Battle of the Books

Cedar Ridge Battle of the Books

Franklin Battle of the Books team

I didn't have a chance to visit the Andy Griffith Museum, but at least I got to drive on Andy Griffith Parkway
Getting ready to present at Pilot Mountain Elementary

At Pilot Mountain Elementary

Pilot Mountain Battle of the Books team

With Pilot Mountain media specialist Amy Harpe

Whenever I go away, I love coming home and seeing those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains ahead of me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creekside Elementary

Here are a few pics from my great visit to Creekside Elementary School in Winterville, North Carolina

The Battle of the Books team


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Thank you, Winterville, NC

Wow! Amazing school visits in Winterville, North Carolina.

Here are some of the highlights:

Thank you to Creekside Elementary for this great welcome sign in the library. (Note: There were lots of pics taken here but I don't have them. Will post if I get them. Great school, though. Trust me.)

A nice greeting for Kim Norman and I from Ridgewood.

Check out all the snazzy outfits at the Battle of the Books luncheon

Battle of the Books luncheon

Battle of the Books luncheon

Battle of the Book luncheon

Battle of the Books luncheon

(l to r) Kim Norman, Ryan Davis, me

The whole Battle of the Books gang

(l to r) Angie Britt Egerton, Kim Norman, me, Kris Davis

Had a blast with the awesome Kim Norman

Ridgewood kids filing in to hear my presentation

Me working the crowd

Me and my pal, Kim Norman

Monday, October 24, 2016

Kate the Great and a Giveaway

Suzy Becker must be a ten-year-old girl disguised as a grown-up because she NAILS her adorable character Kate in her new book, Kate the Great: Winner Takes All.

Kirkus says: "A zippy little visit with a likable 10-year-old"

ZIPPY is the perfect word.

Reading this book gave me so many flashbacks and stirred up happy memories from my own childhood.

Like speaking ubbi dubbi. Anybody remember that? The kids on the TV show, Zoom, used to do it. 

Dubo yubou ububbi dububbi?

And the egg thing!

Someone breaks an imaginary egg on your head. Remember that?

From the book:

I sit on the edge of her other bed.  "I'll do the egg thing." After three imaginary eggs, I'm feeling very sleepy.


Do NOT read this book if you don't want to laugh because it is so dang funny.

You WILL laugh. 

A lot.

But the best, best, best parts of this book are the hysterical drawings and handwritten notes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Gene is the school bus driver

This book has kid-appeal written all over it.

Kate is definitely great. 

And so is Suzy Becker.

Because she's GIVING AWAY A COPY!!

Just leave a comment below by 10/27. (I'll also be asking for retweets on Twitter.)  

Kate the Great: Winner Takes All is the sequel to Kate the Great: Except When She's Not, published by Crown Books. Available in stores November 1.