Monday, March 1, 2010

More Texas pics

First of all, a big, big Texas-size thank you to Northwest Independent School District

At Granger Elementary School in Keller, Texas:

At Hatfield Elementary in Justin, Texas:

At Justin Elementary in Justin, Texas:

At Haslet Elementary in Haslet, Texas:

A great poster from Prairie View School based on Georgina's journal in How to Steal a Dog:

Showing the fourth graders at Peterson School what an adorable fourth grader I was:

I tried my best to get pictures at each school but didn't always have a chance.

But here's a big shout-out to: Beck Elementary (you guys totally rock!), Hughes Elementary (thanks for everything!), Seven Hills School (what a warm welcome you gave me!).

Here I am saying:
OH, you wonderful, wonderful children!!!

I like this picture because this is my fifth day in Texas and I think I'm starting to look a little bit like a cowgirl (Oh, come on, I said a little bit):

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Angela Sides said...

We loved having you in our district!! Our students were so excited to have you visit, and are looking forward to your return! I'm glad you had a good time and we didn't wear you out too much! (And yes, I think you might just look a little like a cowgirl--we'll take your shopping for some cowboy boots next visit!)