Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work in Progress Check-In

On the Road to Mr. Mineo's has turned into a multi-viewed point, multi-layered beast that I'm trying to wrestle into submission. It's been a weird and fun process that's taken on a life of it's own.

My problem is that it has pieces that need to fit together with a very smooth seam.

Can I do it?

See that red index card? That one showed up out of the cosmos while I was having a memory of my grandfather, whom my grandmother called Mutt.

That orangish card is called Little Brown Dog. I love it. But can I get it to fit into the story? I must. I will.

1 comment:

Kirby Larson said...

Every story needs something red and something orange. You will fit them in.

But mayhaps not in the form you are imagining!