Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, the memories

Some of my fondest memories of my son as a toddler are the times we spent reading together.

Every mom knows about those books you read over and over and over....until you and your child know every word and every picture.

I was thinking recently about some of those books.

Here are some I remember:

This one was fun to learn colors:

We could recite this one:

Oh, how we loved to look for that flea in The Napping House:

Another one where we never got tired of the pictures:

A friend of mine gave me this one as a hand-me-down from her children. She had a naughty son who wrote naughty words inside and I had to erase them. haha

And, of course, we read this one 4,573,788 times:

Amazing how interesting it was to just look at pictures of words:

"Hello, little mouse....?"
I knew this one by heart!

I think I liked this one more than my son. We read all the Alfie books because I loved the art so much. I loved how the house was always messy.


Anonymous said...

My sons adored Shirley Hughes, especially Alfie Gets In. But my youngest insisted on the same three stories from a ridiculously early age - Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Grouchy Ladybug, and, oh gosh, I just blanked. But Harold was his favorite.

When he was around two, I heard him reciting the book while he was playing. I grabbed the video camera and asked him to start over. I thought it was preserved forever, but a couple of years later, I taped a recital that my husband couldn't make. Upon replay, we discovered that the sound had quit on the recorder. Images of Max playing the violin, no sound. Horrified, I rewound the tape and played it from the beginning. Sure enough, an adorable two-year-old with curls bouncing and mouth moving, but no sound! Sob!


Leslie Davis Guccione said...

we soooo loved that old king in the tub because Taylor wouldn't get out, either. And he's 30 tomorrow so here's a shout out.

In our house: everything Beatrix Potter & The classic & only decent version/original Winnie the Pooh read by their dad; IN THE NIGHT KITCHEN; Babar; Where the Wild Things Are; Cars and Trucks and Things That Go...

books and kids like graham crackers and milk.