Friday, January 7, 2011

School visit survival kit

I do about 4,579 school visits a year.

I have my survival kit down to an art.

Here's what you need for school visits:

1. Your books
2. Any goodies you want to show the students (Example: I have Yoohoo boats for The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis.)
3. Computer
4. Cord for computer
5. Mac adapter (This is a must. My Powerbook G4 uses a different adapter than schools have.)
6. Remote control
7. Flash drive with presentation on it (backup plan)
8. Extension cord
9. Multi-plug electrical thingie (for plugging in more than one item)
10. Duct tape (for taping down the extension cord to prevent students from tripping)
11. Pens
12. Money
13. Business cards
14. Hand sanitizer
15. Breath mints
16. Book plates
17. Extra batteries for the remote control
18. Water

In my car, I keep:

1. Napkins
2. Plastic utensils
3. Almonds/granola bars
4. Disposable toothbrushes

In the winter, I have:

1. A shovel
2. De-icer
3. Windshield scraper
4. Hat and gloves
5. A small quilt
6. Flashlight

(Don't laugh. I once left a school just minutes before a major blizzard started. By the time I got home, cars were stranded on the side of the highway.)

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