Monday, April 4, 2011

Hampden Meadows Part 1

Hampden Meadows Elementary School in Barrington, Rhode Island is one of my favorite schools to visit.

The students are excited, prepared, enthusiastic, polite, fun, interesting, and interested.

The teachers have all prepared the students, generated excitement and worked with them on terrific projects.

The amazing librarian, Jane Austin, is, well, amazing. She has such passion for children's literature and could write the book on hosting author visits.

Thank you, Hampden Meadows!

Ms. Williams' Class:

Ms. Roy's Class:

Ms. Couto's Class:

Ms. Bailey's Class:

Ms. Ginalski's Class:

Ms. Gluek's Class:

Ms. Waring's Class (with substitute teacher, Ms. Chaves):

Ms. Burrow's Class:

Ms. Carroll's Class:

Mr. Farley's Class:

Mr. Lefcourt's Class:

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