Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Restoring one's faith....

My husband recently left his belt in a bin at the security checkpoint at the Buffalo Airport. It had a silver buckle with an engraved buffalo that he has had for a long time and is a favorite. (He's from Buffalo.)

I offered to call the airport but my husband was uncharacteristically negative. He texted me (censored to protect the innocent):

"Darn it all. With a buffalo on sterling darn buckle nobody [in Buffalo] is going to turn the darn thing in."

I answered in an uncharacteristically optimistic way:

"But u never know. Keep the faith."

Not only did they have the belt, but they returned the belt, along with a lost-and-found form that needed to be signed - and they put a STAMP on the return envelope.

See? u never know. Keep the faith.

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Kirby Larson said...

Just what I needed to hear today!