Friday, July 1, 2011

The Big Apple

Some pics from last weekend, when I made a quick trip down to New York City to visit my son. (Having grown up in the South, I still find it very bizarre to say "DOWN to New York City.")

My parking spot at the Boston train station, because my memory has gotten so, um, wait....what was I saying?

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Alexander McQueen exhibit. (Notice my stupid thumb splint.)

The line was LONG, but moved fairly quickly. (Go early....)

Our reflections in a piece of art:

Scoping out the contemporary art:

Some Andy Warhol:

More Andy Warhol:

A picture perfect day in Central Park:

Notice my stupid thumb splint:

In my son's neighborhood. Love it.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge:

From my taxi:

Spotting a UFO from the train leaving New York:


Mary Lee said...

Love checking out the photos you play with in Camera+ !!

(Am I right? Have you tried Pano or Stitch?)

Barbara O'Connor said...

I do use that one but those particular pics are taken with Hipstamatic. It's way cool. Don't know Pano or Stitch. Yay, more toys