Friday, November 18, 2011

Setting map

For some of my books, I draw a VERY rough map of the setting. (I'm terrible at drawing.)

It is a valuable tool to help me maneuver my characters throughout the story.

I drew one for my upcoming novel, On the Road to Mr. Mineo's.

I never dreamed I would show it to anyone.

Today my editor asked me if I could sketch a little map for the jacket artist (Greg Call), who was working on a map for the book jacket. (She added that it didn't need to help me get into Pratt. Good thing...)

So, I sent the one I used. Pretty rough....but, hey, it helped!


Leslie Davis Guccione said...

well there you go. Just that way I thought the neighborhood was laid out. ✍✍✍

LOL And don't discount Pratt. You've already sat through the admissions presentation. It's never to late for a degree in illustration. ☺☺

Uma Krishnaswami said...

Barbara I do that too--little maps that help me figure out where things happen. I use collage materials as well--torn paper and toothpicks and cut out figures from magazines. In a novel that is yet to be finished (it's had to take a back seat to work already under contract) a new character came into the story as a result of a map I made. Maps give us wordcrafters a wonderful way to enter stories visually.

Leslie Davis Guccione said...

Oh Uma,

Then comes the temptation to just keep working on the collage and make that the finished project. ☺✍