Thursday, May 3, 2012

Authors in April: Day 5

Baldwin Elementary

Motels for Greetings from Nowhere

Don't be Fickle; Stay at the Pickle! (Thank you, Isabelle)

I think I've stayed here before.

Fourth graders designed submarines

Designed by one of my greeters

Another one of my greeters drew this.

And another greeter drew this one.

(left to right) Davon, Megan, Isabelle, me, Jakson (front), Bennett, and library media specialist, Mr. Morris (back)

University Hills Elementary

The fifth graders designed hotels

The fourth graders made great frogs! (The pics turned out too dark to see but I looked at every one of them. Thank you, 4th graders!)

Hampton Elementary

Amazing little boats with great questions tucked inside


(left to right) Media specialist Jennifer Bachman, me, Terry Hetrick, Amy Schuster

My wonderful driver for the day (left) Lisa Wattai

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Carolyn DeCristofano said...

Wow! What fun it is to see the kids' imaginations really take off. Barbara, you should be proud to have inspired such thoughtful engagement and enthusiasm with your books! (I'm sure the teachers and media specialists also did a great job to create an environment in which the kids' imaginations could fly.)