Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Barbara O'Connor

I received a great letter from a class recently who had thought up titles for the chapters in The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester.

I think this is such a clever idea because it gets the students thinking about the essence of the chapter, its content, and how to interest the reader without giving too much away.

They were also quite creative and humorous and captured the tone of the book.

Here is a sampling:

Chapter 3     Trouble
Chapter 4     Take That Viola! Rocket!
Chapter 6     Doofus
Chapter 9     Niggle Remover
Chapter 13   Niggle, Now Punch
Chapter 15   Won't You Die, Viola
Chapter 16   We Need a Frog Medic
Chapter 25   Mission Killing Stumps Complete
Chapter 26   Underwater Romance
Chapter 40   Oh Man, I Hate Sad Parts


tatjana said...

These are funny! I "pre-read" your book - that's what I tell my family :) - to see if it would be right for my daughter. I loved everything about it, and it felt right at home here in SC, where I am still a relative newcomer. Congratulations!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thank you, Tatjana! Glad you liked it. (And hope you love SC)

About Karen Williams said...

I Need to take a lesson on chapter titles ;-)