Thursday, December 27, 2012

Things I Love Thursday


I love teachers!

Especially teachers who share the joy of reading with students with such infectious energy and fun as third grade teacher, Mrs. Maiese.

And how in the world could I NOT love her for writing me the following letter:

Hello there from Titus Elementary School in Warrington, PA!

My class and I have just finished reading Popeye and Elvis (which is a ritual for my classroom each year).  The kids have named your book their favorite book of. all. time.  Any time I picked up your book to read, you could absolutely hear a pin drop… if it weren’t for the slurping sounds of them drinking Yoo-Hoo J

In appreciation for you and your book, we would like to send you something via snail mail.  Is it possible to get a mailing address to which we can send you something?

Thank you so much for inspiring a love for reading, writing, suspense, and Yoo-Hoo!

We appreciate your time.  You are a celebrity to us all.

Happiest of holidays to you,

Mrs. Jillian Maiese
Third Grade

And then, as if I didn't love her enough, she added this to a follow-up email:

My former students loved your book so much they still talk about it.  Whenever I have to leave any former student a note of some kind, I always attach a box of Yoo-Hoo to it.  It’s just created so many fun and meaningful ways to communicate with my kids. 

Thank you, Mrs. Maiese, for encouraging readers like these:

Mrs. Maiese's third grade readers

I love teachers.

I love kids.


About Karen Williams said...

Love this photo..but what did they send you??? Yoo hoo? Or did I miss somethng ;-)

Barbara O'Connor said...

I haven't gotten it yet. She was just asking for my address. I love those kids!!

TamraW said...

Awwww! What a fabulous photo! And I love how she attaches boxes of YooHoo to the notes she writes.

Thanks for sharing, Barbara!