Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

 I love writing like this.

Written by a FIFTH GRADE boy, showing the setting of summer at the beach:

Jack took off his sandals and stepped onto the hot sand and let his feet sink in. The breeze slapped his face, but he liked the way it cooled him down. He looked up and saw seagulls circling the shore, searching for leftover food to snatch. The sound of crashing waves caught his attention. He ran past people lying down on the ground getting burned by the heat of the intense sun.

He dived into the crystal clear warm water. Whenever Jack did this, he was transferred to a new world of reef jungles. He opened his eyes and saw schools of fish with amazing patterns, like rainbow zigzags or polka dots. He saw rays gliding through the ocean like planes in the air. Sharks ruled the reef and ate whoever they chose. Jellyfish floated through the ocean. They were amazing with how they puffed their bodies to fly. Small fish darted past his face, studying him, wondering if he was an ally or a foe.

He explored the coral pathways and tunnels. But then the moment he always dreaded came. Time for more air. He floated up to the ocean surface, knowing he would be back soon.

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