Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Love Thursday Part 1

I love visiting schools like Berry Intermediate and Donovan Elementary in Lebanon, Ohio.

Berry hallways were decorated with greetings

Berry Media Specialist Kathy Aurigemma (left) and me

Arriving at Donovan

Donovan Assistant Principal Sheri McHenry (left) and me

The motel from Greetings from Nowhere

A decorated door at Donovan

The walls decorated with art for Greetings from Nowhere

How to Steal a Dog decorations at Donovan

A book tree!

Art teacher Amy Brewer posing with Sherman

Get hooked on a Barbara O'Connor book today!

More hall decorations at Donovan

Another cool Donovan door

Students created their own boats to celebrate The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis

Some more creative boats

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