Thursday, July 4, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love that I've had the opportunity to work with one of the best editors in the business.

Last year, for a surprise celebration honoring FSG editor Frances Foster, her authors were asked to write a short piece about what they have learned from her.

Here is what I wrote:

What I've Learned from Frances Foster
I've learned the difference between walking UP the sidewalk and walking DOWN the sidewalk.

I've learned not to panic when a letter from her begins with the words, "Brace yourself."

I've learned not to panic when a phone call begins with the words, "I have a little niggle."

I've learned to appreciate humility when I receive an email stating: "Thank you for reminding me how bad Fame and Glory really was before I got my mitts on it."

I tried to learn from her the proper use of ellipses, but I still don't get it.

I've learned patience, open-mindedness, tact, an appreciation for the creative process, and the importance of compromise.

And to quote the ending of some editorial correspondence I sent to her a few years ago, "As always, thanks for your insight, instinct, smarts, humor, respect, patience and safety-mindedness." (The latter being a reference to a BB gun scene that I initially thought was hilarious but was reminded by someone wiser that it was very unsafe.)

Thank you, Frances, for everything.

More about my lucky partnership HERE.

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Augusta Scattergood said...

Frances sounds like a brilliant lady. Thank you for sharing this.