Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two Things on Tuesday

Thing One:

"Other people's books are the greatest teachers of writers."
--Rosemary Wells

Thing Two:

Because I visit 1,245,677 schools a year, I keep records to help me remember them. (I usually return to the same schools each year when working locally).

I make notes about everything from weird parking issues to equipment needs to reminders to stay away from the chicken nuggets on Wednesdays.

I was recently going through my records from past years and came across this one: 

"Parent volunteer brought me a sandwich. Teacher with a hyphenated name was fantastic."

(Goes to show you how much that sandwich must have meant to me. Heh...)

1 comment:

jaimiengle said...

Although humorous, I like the thought on keeping a "school journal" of visits. As a brand new writer who has recently had my first school visits, I am definitely gleaning from your wisdom and stealing this idea!
Let me know if you're ever in the Central Florida area. I'd love to buy you a cup of joe!!