Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

I love summer!

My school visit year is officially over.

I've spoken to 8,456 students. (Give or take a few).

I've chatted with 2,344 amazing teachers and librarians. (Give or take a few.) 

I've looked at 12,344 fabulous pieces of student artwork based on my books. (Give or take a few.)

I've spent 735 hours sitting in traffic. (Give or take a few.)

I've flown 12,456 miles. (Give or take a few.)

I've waited behind 345 school buses. (Give or take a few.)

I've signed 10,458 books, 345 tiny scraps of paper, 45 napkins and 3 arm casts.

I've eaten bagels in my car, cheese crackers in hotel rooms, sushi in restaurants, potluck dinners in school libraries and lasagna in cafeterias.

But now that summer is here, I'm going to stop talking about writing....

.....and write!

So my blogs posts will be fewer.

Picture me here:

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