Friday, June 6, 2014

Neener, neener Miss Banner

My love of writing was evident in my 6th grade report card

We have enjoyed Barbara's creative poems, stories and plays. She recognizes all parts of speech and their uses. She uses good form in all written work.

*adjusts halo*

But, alas, by 11th grade, I began to go downhill. 

If Barbara wishes to maintain this rating, she must refrain from talking at the beginning of class periods. AND Barbara can improve her work by being more attentive to class instructions.
 I got an A, Miss Banner, you old biddy. 

Maybe I didn't NEED to be attentive in your class.

And, um, I grew up to be a writer.


Neener neener

And, um, luckily, my English language skills are not genetic.
Here is my father's 9th grade report card:

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