Thursday, March 12, 2015

Things I Love Thursday

I love getting letters and drawing from students.

Here are a few I recently received.

Notice Owen on top of the motorhome saying, "Swear swear." This one came with a letter that said, "My favorite part was when Popeye and Elvis were spitting and swearing into the ditch because when Mrs. M read that part, I burst out into laughter because I did not expect it to happen."

This one was signed by Hudson, Jack and Luke and included, "P.S. Hudson is one of seven rowdy kids."

And of course I love this one because she says, "It is the best book in the world!"


Sharon Creech said...

LOVE these, love all student art . . . xx

Kimberley said...

This morning out of the blue Felix said "When are we going to meet Barbara O'Connor?" We love your books too.