Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Amazing Visit to Cypress Fairbanks Schools in Texas - Week 1

The amazing Jennifer Lucas made these amazing videos (yes, I'm using the word "amazing" a lot). 

Some more of the wishes:


Love this greeting from Robison Elementary

The wonderful Jenny Daniell (left)

Check out the cool way that Robison students clapped for me:  

Here are the students at Andre Elementary telling me what their favorite book is (thank you, Shelli Mangum!!):

Yammering away to Hamilton students

Me doing my thing

With the VIP students at Hamilton

With the amazing and wonderful Jennifer Garstecki Lucas (right)

Yoohoo boat builders

Having lunch with the VIPs from Hamilton
Getting ready to dive into s'mores for dessert with (l to r) Kirby Larson, Kelley Book, chef, Jennifer Lucas, me

And a great big shout out to Keith Elementary School and Liz Budnek....we were so busy we got no pics!! Love y'all.

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