Thursday, June 14, 2007

Embarrassing Editor Moments

Remember how nervous you were the first time you met your EDITOR?

So here's my embarrassing first-time-meeting-editor moment.....

My editor from Carolrhoda (back when I was writing biographies) was in Boston for a conference and we arranged to meet - for the first time.

I was so new and so green and so, well, nervous.

I'd never had a real live face-to-face meeting with an editor before.

We had lunch at a restaurant in Boston. I survived (but probably had spinach in my teeth).

Afterwards, we went to the convention center where she was attending the conference. I was following her and not paying attention and we went through a revolving door. Okay, so, since I wasn't paying attention, I ended up in the same section of the revolving door as she was in, if you know what I mean.

So I'm doing itty bitty little shuffle steps to keep from crashing right into the back of her -

- and then my shoulder-bag purse somehow got stuck in the section of the revolving door behind us.

So, I'm, like, getting semi-strangled, and the door is jammed and the guy in the section of the door behind us is trying to free the purse and, well....

It's probably hard for you to even visualize this, but trust me...


And I did not look like a cool person.

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