Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is the product of my day today.

Writing words.

Scribbling out the words.

Writing words.

Scribbling out the words.

I never do that. Well, at least, not this much.


At one point, I wrote this: "She tossed the three cartons into the crate and said....."


That's the sound of screeching brakes. Coming to a cold, dead standstill.

What did she say? Ummmm, she said....ummm, she said.....

My mind went totally blank.

I think I'm losing it......


Sarah Miller said...

But you write on actual paper, with real live ink -- that is so cool!

That's physical evidence of bashing right there. If I took a picture of my computer screen it wouldn't be nearly as impressive!

(Yeah, I'm a little weird...)

Barbara O'Connor said...

I can't write on a computer....that's probably weird. I need the pen on the paper. (Makes it easier to scribble, though...)