Friday, August 10, 2007

Cool software

Dear Shaken & Stirred: I don't know you. But I love you. You introduced me to Scrivener, the coolest writing software ever. (For Macs only. Sorry, you PC guys...)

It turns my chapters into these cute little index cards all tacked up there on the bulletin board, with a synopsis of each. (And I love those little pushpins.)

With the chapters lined up on the left side there like this (index cards big; or index cards little).

It shows my whole manuscript in this way-cool outline form:

Or I can see the manuscript on the screen like this, with everything else blacked out, and I can just scroll thru it:

I can stamp each index cards with something like "Revised Draft" or "To Do" or "Final Draft":

It does lots of other way-cool things. You can move text around like crazy and insert all kinds of notes and highlight and annotate and footnote and save snapshots of drafts. You can even sort chapters by POV or keywords and, and, and..... This is the coolest software ever.

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Jill said...

Ooh, I have the Scrivener site bookmarked, but I've been putting off ordering. So many COOL features, though! I'm going to cave soon, I can feel it...