Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's the stuff we scored at the antique fair. (I told you I'd make a bad monk.)

An engraved napkin ring:

A baby cup engraved with "Clark."
Don't you wonder where Baby Clark is today?

My favorite - these great little silver knives with mother-of-pearl handles:

A drying rack that hangs on the wall:

And folds up when not in use:

My husband found this - an antique fire truck. (We have a weird little recessed shelf that needed the perfect funky "thing.")

A lightning rod for the garden:

Another lightning rod for the garden:

This one has a great milk-glass "bulb" with stars:

And one more garden ornament:


jama said...

Jealous. What great finds! Barbara napkin ring is my favorite :).

Jennifer said...

Love that drying rack! Stuff is so much fun. :-)