Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Steve Jobs:

I love everything Apple.

I love your awesome stores.

I love your gorgeous computers (except what is UP with those black ones?).

I love your iPod, your iMac, your iPhoto, your iWork...

.... your iEverything.

I love your Genius Bar.

I even love your boxes - so white and smooth and cool.

And your bags - with those cool drawstrings and all.


....I do NOT....


do NOT.....

love your stupid Mighty Mouse.

It is not Mighty.

No, wait, it IS mighty.

It is Mighty Stupid.

Mighty Awful.

Mighty Lame.

And this ridiculous video is, well, ridiculous. (Please, everyone, I beg you - watch this video. It takes about 30 seconds. You will agree with me that it is ridiculous.)

I have done those stupid things with your stupid mice.

I have even given up and bought NEW Apple mice.

But now you, Stevie Boy, have forced me to do what I really did not want to do.....

...and that is, purchase ANOTHER BRAND of mouse.


Jeanie W said...

From the look of that picture, I'd say you definitely picked a cuter mouse. But I'm not sure it'll function well with your computer.

Megan Germano said...

SO True! We just got one new iMac in each classroom and tons of teachers were saying they found the mouse hard to use. I always use my laptop, but I checked it out and it is impossible! It never scrolls correctly

Lisa Yee said...

Given my history with Apple products, I thought the mouse problem was just me.

Mine died after about three months. I now have another brand, too.

Anonymous said...

I found a site that shows how to pry a mouse apart to clean its itsy bitsy scroll wheels. Worked the first time. Didn't work the second. My mouse now scrolls up, but not down.

What brand works with iMacs?! I'd love a different one!

Jill E

Barbara O'Connor said...

Jill, the Apple website shows quite a few other brands. I stupidly ordered a Logitech but it isn't Blue Tooth, so I'm returning. BUT, I went to the Apple store today with my Mighty Lame Mouse in hand (but no receipt) and they gave me a new one without blinking.

So I guess I'll be using this one until it goes on the fritz, which based on past performance, won't be long.

(Are you listening, Steve Jobs??!!)

Augusta Scattergood said...

Oh, no. My mouse works perfectly! But it's only a month old so I guess I have about 2 more months to go? Yipes. Yes, stupid video.

I'm hoping I have a new version of the mouse and maybe mine will work longer?
Happy Thanksgiving.