Friday, November 7, 2008

Keeper of the Sanity

Look what my friendly (well, actually, he's kind of grumpy) UPS guy brought me today:

Compliments of my favorite geek, Empress of the Universe and Self-Proclaimed Nose-Nerd, Sarah Miller.

Why did I receive such a gift as that?

Because I am Keeper of the Sanity....which means I endured countless hours of endless whining and...UM...


wait a minute.

I didn't mean that.

What I meant was that the Sarah and I had meaningful and profoundly wise conversations about the process of writing.

Yeah, that's what I meant.

But here is the irony which gave us both a good chuckle:

I have no sense of smell.




So I can only imagine the scent of Paperback.

It's a nice scent, right?

If I smell horrible the next time you see me, please tell me.

But thank you, Geek-Girl....


Anonymous said...

You can wear it next week and I'll let you know if it stinks (just won't let you sit on my furniture if you really reek :)). And you, by the way, are most definitely the Keeper of Sanity {{}}.

Jeanie W said...

I'm trying to imagine what such a cologne would smell like. The glue in the binding? The musty smell of a cheap dimestore paperback that's been sitting on a shelf for years? Either way I'm not sure it's a scent I'd advise wearing.