Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good in bed

Remember when I told you I was writing in bed?

Well, it seems I'm not the only one with that decadent writing process! Yay!
Thanks, Kimberly Willis Holt!


Sara said...

I meant to write and tell you that after you posted this picture, I worked in bed yesterday.

It's a good place because you can spread out all your papers and research books and laptop and post-its, etc. But it's a little far from the kitchen. :)

And the danger of a nap always looms. Which isn't a bad thing.

On the other hand, I did write 1000 words.

Stacy DeKeyser said...

Oh, I could never! I fall asleep if I try and READ in bed.

Kirby Larson said...

That does it. I am climbing into my pjs, grabbing my laptop and getting comfy under the covers.

If it helps me to write half as good as you, Barbara, I'll be one happy camper.

Kimberly said...

The only thing that seems strange about the process, is that I get up in the morning only to go back to bed!

Happy writing.