Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Geezers Who Write

I'm starting to think that Kirby Larson and I are the same person.

It's sort of scary all the things we have in common.

We have the same husband and the same son (well, not really, but close....she knows what I mean....)

But, anyway....

I was thinking about inviting her to join my Old Geezers Who Write Club.

But then, maybe she would prefer to be in the Authors Who Will Stay Young and Beautiful and Rich and Skinny Forever Club.

Because, well, she might not be an Old Geezer (like me).

But Old Geezers Who Write sometimes have something in common: arthritis in their thumbs!!!

I have arthritis in my thumb.

And then I found out that Kirby has arthritis in her thumb.

And THEN, she went and recommended....

The Yoropen!!!

And it is so wonderful....

....which is the reason I was thinking she should join my club - and maybe even be President.

And since she found out about the Yoropen from Susan Patron, maybe Susan would want to be in the Old Geezers Who Write Club, too. (But then, maybe she would rather be an Author Who Will Stay Young and Beautiful and Rich and Skinny Forever.)

But, anyway, thank you, Kirby and Susan.

P.S. I also know ANOTHER Old Geezer Who Writes and Also Has Arthritis in Her Thumb (you know who you are, GS) so this club is getting bigger (and G.S., you should totally get this pen!)


Susan Patron said...

I want very much to be a member of any club whose members include you and Kirby, and OLD GEEZERS WHO WRITE is made to order. The other club is, alas, inappropriate for me on all counts.

So where do I sign up?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Hooray! Consider yourself a member.

Kirby Larson said...

Maybe we're Geezerettes, rather than Geezers? I'm in, no matter what. Who wants to be young and skinny? Been there, done that. As my grandma always said, our women are built broad across the beam because we're built to last.

Barbara, if you have a distinctive birthmark right above your belly button, then I know for sure we were separated at birth.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Alas, no birthmark...just fat. :-)

Well, at least our club is growing.

Susan Patron said...

Would our first meeting be for lunch during SCBWI in August?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Alas, no...I won't be there.