Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all about me

The latest version of Safari has this cool feature where a button (called Top Sites) is inserted into your menu bar that gives you instant access to the 12 web sites you frequent the most (based on your internet history).

Mine are, um, not the most intellectual.


The sites are:
  1. My Google home page (with Google Alerts front and center)
  2. My blog
  3. Good Reads
  4. Live Journal
  5. Stat Counter (that tracks the statistics for my web site)
  6. A private writers' chat room I participate in
  7. Title Z - a site that keeps track of Amazon rankings (not that I care about that...)
  8. Facebook
  9. Twitter
  10. (I know, I know...)
  11. My own web site
  12. My Google mailbox (where most of my message boards are...)

Like, dude, kind of shallow, huh?

Where is the Wall Street Journal?
The How-to-Save-the-World site?
How about - Martha Stewart's "Host a Summer Picnic with Gazpacho Made From Your Homegrown Vegetables and Served in that Fabulous Soup Tureen You Made Yourself from Imported Moldovian Clay on the Hand-Embroidered Picnic Blanket"?

I bet some shrink would have a ball analyzing people's Top Sites.

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