Friday, August 14, 2009

Can you hear me now?

When teaching writing workshops to elementary school kids, I emphasize, of course, the five senses.

The sense of hearing is one of my favorites.

I use it a lot in my own writing.

It's an easy sense to forget.

So I was particularly fond of a biography written by a fifth grader in a recent workshop of mine.

This kid is tuned into sounds.

Some excerpts (all by the same student):

  • “Bam Bam.” Another shiny silver nail was being hammered into the rough wood as the fort was getting taller and taller.
  • Just by the sound of the car rumbling over the dirt path, he knew that they had arrived at Rocky Point Amusement Park.
  • “Ripppppp”, was the sound of Richard ripping open an envelope.
  • “Knock knock” was the sound of opportunity knocking at Richard’s door.
Don't you love those!!??

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Mrs.M said...

We work on absorbing the senses as we write. Especially the Tom Sawyer summary Natalie will write. The book club finished the "classic" and we are watching the movie on Tuesday. There will be so many connections!! Talk to you soon,

Natalie and mom (Mrs. McKee)