Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't scare me like that

Confession time.

I had two food-related cravings when I was pregnant 22 years ago.

1. Biscuits from Kentucky Fried Chicken

2. General Foods International Instant Coffee - but only Cafe Francais flavor

I still have one of those biscuits every now and then.

But I drink that "coffee" EVERY DAY.

Every. Day.

I know, I know.....

Two of the primary ingredients are dipotassium phosphate and maltodextrin.


I even took a can with me to Europe.

Imagine sitting in a Parisian cafe, ordering hot water, and whipping out your can of Cafe Francais. Ha! (Hey, it says right on the can "inspired by the cafes of France" - so there!)

My family still laughs about the time not that long ago when, for some reason, I was convinced that they were going to discontinue it and I bought a gazillion cans to stock up.

I had another scare yesterday.

They changed the label on the can and made me panic because I thought they had done something drastic.

But they just changed the label. (New label is on the right)


(And notice that now they call it "Coffeehouse Beverage Mix" instead of "Coffee Drink Mix.")


Grace Lin said...

Ha ha! I wonder what's in that coffee...secret author enhancement!

Lennye said...

I love that coffee too!

Anonymous said...

I am also a lover of this coffee...hate to tell you..but check the new can carefully...mine said "new improved flavor" IT WAS AWFUL!! I was so upset. I went to the grocery and dug out the last three cans of the original mix from the back of the stock on the shelf. I am going to stockpile and complain to General Foods. As the old saying goes "If it is not broken, don't fix it!"

Barbara O'Connor said...

You know, now that you mention it, it DOES taste different. I thought it was just my imagination. Dang it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken over their so called improved recipe and have complained several times to them through their website. Why would they add MORE SUGAR and MORE SALT to it - and ruin it? I buy up all of the old recipe that I can find but don't know how long I'll be able to continue my addiction. Please write to them too. Google "Cafe Francais General Foods Complaints" for the message board - there will be links there.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks! I will!

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend! I know I am such a nerd about it and there are better things to protest - but I guess our buying power and complaints have worked. Something very close to the original is now available. See my review at and in that review, there's a link for where to write to complain, suggest, etc to the makers to really return to the one we really love!!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks so much!!! I will definitely check into it. I'm glad I'm not alone. (And if you're a nerd, I'm one, too. haha)