Friday, April 30, 2010

Creature of habit

I'm kind of obsessive about my daily rituals.

One of them is doing the crossword puzzle.

I save it for the middle of the day, when I take a break from writing (or...whatever....heh).

Part of the ritual, in addition to the time of day and the place, is having a cup of fake coffee.

In the summer, I do it here.

In the winter, at my kitchen counter.

I have another crossword puzzle ritual:

I'm a very nervous flyer.

During takeoff and landing, I have to distract my mind.

I save up newspaper crossword puzzles for that. That's what I ALWAYS do.

Never read a magazine.

Never read a book.

Always the crossword puzzle.

Kind of neurotic, huh?


Jeanie W said...

Sounds natural to me, but maybe I'm just neurotic too. I buy books of New York Times puzzles. I find that crosswords provide the perfect level of distraction. They engage the brain but are easier to break away from than a good novel. Even when your attention is fully absorbed by the puzzle, upon completion your sharpened mind is ready to take on the next thing with no fuzzy period of transition.

Kirby Larson said...

OMG -- this is scary.

I do the very same thing!!! And I always, always chew Orbit gum at take off.

Heaven forbid if you and I ever fly together!