Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Omens and nudges

I've been kind of freaking out about a small case of writers' block.

And it's a weird writers' block.

It's not that I don't have an idea.

I have a teensy weensy one, which is usually good enough.

It's that I just can't seem to get jump-started.

I need a nudge of some kind.

Today, I got two.

First of all, I found a bird's nest in my garden.

I have a collection bird's nests.

I only find one about once every year or so.

So I'm taking that as a good omen (i.e., a nudge).

The other thing that happened that I consider a nudge is that I saw one of my main characters. My imaginary character is a boy named Gerald Baxter. I can see him perfectly in my head.

While driving up the highway, a school bus passed me.

A boy who looked EXACTLY like Gerald Baxter looked at me through the window.

We made eye contact.

And he waved.

A tiny little shy kind of wave.

Okay, Gerald, I'm coming.......


Anonymous said...

This gives me chills! JAZ

Portia Pennington said...

Wow! That's more than a nudge--that's a "hurry up and tell my story" shout! Glad you saw Gerald, and we can't wait to see him, too!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

How exciting! Usually when I get writer's block, I curl up with my ratty old robe and take a nap.

La Prof said...

I love this! I wonder if someday you and that boy will meet again. Maria

Nisha said...

Ohhhhh...can't wait to meet Gerald! It's the quiet shy ones you have to wonder about.

Nisha said...

Ohhhhhh.....I can't wait to meet Gerald. It's the quiet shy ones you have to wonder about.

Jennifer said...

I love reading about your story beginnings... :-)