Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ALA 2010 Part 2

Some of the 2,498 authors and illustrators I ran into (in no particular order)...

This year's Newbery winner (When You Reach Me), Rebecca Stead:

Rebecca Stead (right) and me

Paul Zelinsky was wearing a vest made from fabric that has his artwork on it. Totally cool.

Paul Zelinsky (right - duh) and me

I finally got to meet author Sara Lewis Holmes. She gave out little plastic army guys at her signing for Operation Yes, is uber cute, and has a darling little Southern accent. How could I not love her?

Sara Lewis Holmes (right) and me

I was so glad to meet agent Linda Pratt, of Fogelman Agency. She represents my good friend, Augusta Scattergood:

Linda Pratt (left) and me

Another online pal I finally got to meet was Kim Norman. Kim makes you want to hug her immediately (which I did):

Kim Norman (left) and me

A highlight for me was chatting with the amazing Karen Cushman. I don't think I've raved about her latest book nearly enough. I'm a big big big big Karen Cushman fan. (And she gave me the scoop on how to score Kirby Larson's arc.)

Karen Cushman (left) and me

Another highlight? Getting to hug my friend, Grace Lin, this year's Newbery Honor winner, on one of the most exciting days ever. The Newbery banquet was that evening (alas, I did not attend). She is beautiful through and through. (And I guessed correctly which dress she was going to wear to the banquet.)

Grace Lin (right) and me

Eric Rohmann was at the Macmillan dessert party with Candace Fleming (who said I could call her Candy cause we're good friends, like that, now) and is kind of hilarious.

Liz Hartman of Macmillan (left) and Eric Rohmann

And last, here is a giant wreath of bar stools. Just cause I like it (and no, I wasn't trying to sit on them and order a Cosmo):


Anonymous said...

So cool! Like a neighborhood annual get together, but, what a neighborhood! JAZ

Kim said...

It as SOOOO great to get to hug you, Barbara! Really, one of the highlights of my day. Only wish we'd had longer.

Kim Norman

deborah said...

Hi Barbara..

What a grand event. Love the vest... super uber! The place is oozing creativity. Great picture Kim!

deborah ramos

Sara said...

Thank you for coming to find me, Barbara! It was a sqeeeee moment.

Are you taking good care of your little green army man?

Anonymous said...

What a great event to attend. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Lots of wonderful authors and illustrators to meet up with. I like Paul's vest too.