Thursday, July 1, 2010

ALA 2010 Part 3

Saturday night Macmillan hosted a dinner for Lane Smith and me at a restaurant next to the house where Lincoln died. (I have no idea if that has any significance, but it's kind of cool.)

Here are Lane and I holding each other's books. We are both thinking: Geez, this book doesn't look that great to me, but I'll go along with this photo shoot.

Now we have read each other's books and we are both thinking: Wow, this book is amazing!!

Here is a group of librarians acting out Lane's amazing book (see note above), It's a Book:

(left to right) Caroline Parr, Sue McLeaf Nespecca, Barbara Brand

FSG Publisher Simon Boughton acted out the part of the pirate. It was highly entertaining.

Sunday it was time for my signing:

The FSG/Macmillan gang were terrific:

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Anonymous said...

More great pictures. Thanks for sharing.