Thursday, July 22, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to my online buddy, Susanne Drazic, for presenting me with the Versatile Blogger Award!

Here are 7 things about me:

  1. I have no sense of smell.
  2. My father used to do a magic trick that appeared as if he was poking a toothpick through his cheek.
  3. I once side-swiped a parked car on a motor scooter, took the side mirror off, and ended up sprawled in the middle of the road in front of my house.
  4. My grandfather grew peanuts and my grandmother always kept a pot of them boiling on the back of the stove.
  5. I watch every trash reality show there is, including Toddlers and Tiaras and Trading Spouses.
  6. My 8th grade Latin teacher chastised me for being too loquacious and I had to look it up in the dictionary.
  7. If I didn't read so many blogs, I would have three more novels coming out next year.
As for forwarding to 15 bloggers I admire, there are WAY too many, so I'm going to invite anyone who wants to play to share their 7 things.

1 comment:

Grier Jewell said...

I'm so happy that you love trash tv! I accepted my inner trailer park loooong ago. The only show I can't watch is Hoarders because it's just too disturbing. But I have no problem witnessing Adam Richman eat five to six pounds of food in a single challenge on Man v. Food.

Interesting about your lack of smell. This might explain your inexplicable attraction to that blue label substance. It's not a judgement. Just an observation. I saw a show the other night about a woman who eats chalk. It doesn't hurt her, either. It's amazing what the body can consume and still survive.