Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So lovely

In a letter from a student:

When you were talking, some of my old story ideas that were thrown away or forgotten bloomed into my head fixed. There are news ones growing, too! Kind of like flowers, storys are, you have to plant them, water them and all ways work on them. Then if you have taken good care of them they will turn out to be beautiful and colorful!

And this lovely drawing with little words all around the edges:


Portia Pennington said...

Wow. I mean that. Thank you for sharing.

Beth S. said...

Gotta love when kids are motivated to do such thoughtful things like that.

Karen said...

Love this post. :) Sorry I missed the galley give-away contest, but that's not why I'm commenting - I just read your piece in this month's Language Arts journal. It was fantastic! I will definitely be sharing parts of it with my students as they struggle with the choices they make in their own pieces. Thanks so much for letting us see inside your writer's brain!!

Anonymous said...

I have nominated your blog for an award. Please stop by to pick it up.

Have a great day!