Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We can do this

I found this post by Debbie Wiles utterly fascinating.

And, in some strange way, encouraging.

I mean, this is DEBORAH WILES, people! (But I like to call her Debbie because I want her to be my best friend and come to my birthday party.)

Fascinating point #1: She can scrap an entire draft without hurling herself into the middle of the interstate.

Fascinating point #2: She has sense enough to write down that thought that popped into her head.

Fascinating point #3: She is courageous enough to start writing a book with no idea where it is going.

Fascinating point #4: She is willing to share this amazing process with others.

Fascinating point #5: She's going to do it by Labor Day. She IS going to do it by Labor Day.

The encouraging part?

She gives me hope that maybe I can write a draft by Labor Day.

I can, right?

So, I'm sharing what I have - which isn't very much. But it will grow.

Those different colors, by the way, represent viewpoints. The yellow is OMNISCIENT. Eeeek!

At least, that's what I'm calling it. According to this, the first one is panoramic. ??


It's still kind of freaking me out and making me question every word I write on the paper.

But if Debbie can do it, I can do it.

Go, Debbie, go!


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devin said...

barbara...a question: what program are you using to keep track of your chapters? it looks like something more than stickies! ;-) thanks! devin

Barbara O'Connor said...

Okay, correction....Debbie isn't going to FINISH a book by Labor Day, but at least get a draft or partial draft to editor. But, hey, if she can get 10 pages done by Labor Day, that's good enough for me.

I'm shootin' for 15 page.


Deborah Wiles said...

Hmmmm! I posted a long comment here, but maybe blogger isn't playing nice today; I don't see it. What I SAID was, I'm gonna get as far as I can get by Labor Day, and try to have full draft by November -- or maybe that's what I MEANT to say. At any rate, the panic is playing around the edges, so I'm keeping it at bay with drugs and alcohol. No I'm not. But you can see what I mean. Go go go, Barbara! We'll panic together, and get 'er done. xo Oh, and I also wanted to know the date of your next birthday party.

Susanne Drazic said...

Cool program!