Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A glimmer of hope

Okay, so I'm back on the subject of Cafe Francais.

Some of you know I was hooked on it for many years and then those bums at General Foods went and changed the recipe on me.

So I had to stash up on a gazillion cans of the old "original" version.

And then I finally ran out.

But lucky for me there are others out there who are also hooked on the original Cafe Francais.

One of them contacted me and told me this:

Hi Friend! I know I am such a nerd about it and there are better things to protest - but I guess our buying power and complaints have worked. Something very close to the original is now available. See my review on Amazon and in that review, there's a link for where to write to complain, suggest, etc to the makers to really return to the one we really love!!

A nerd???

No way.

I think this person has earned the Fake Coffee Lovers Lifetime Good Person Award.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, thank you!!!!!

And yes, I will write to them (even though last time they only sent me a lousy $5 check)

Fake Coffee Lovers Unite!!!!!

I'm off to the grocery store right now to look for a red, violet and white can.

Wish me luck.

[Note: This blog post is dedicated to Monika Schroder.]

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Grier Jewell said...

Oh, good. It's got MALTODEXTRIN *and* SILICON DIOXIDE. Score! You go, girrrrl. If this recipe flies right, we'll be able to keep you on our shelves for dozens of decades to come.