Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm in heaven

I've been in a bit of a funk after discovering that my beloved Cafe Francais International Coffee is now "new and improved."

It is not "new and improved."

It is new and awful.

Whoever the anonymous commenter was on my blog post was absolutely right.

After over 20 years, I have stopped drinking it.

Until TODAY -

When I went to the grocery store and there was one of the old cans - the not new and not improved.

Oh, happy day.

And by the way, if anybody out there finds a can of Cafe Francais with a BLUE label, I'll pay big bucks.


Megan Germano said...

I will be on the lookout, but you can often find stuff like that at Big Lots or Odd Lots or whatever it may be called in your area. I think they are probably in your area. :)

Kirby Larson said...

Barbara,this is the universe's way of saying switch to beer. It's probably better for you than that stuff, anyway. Have you ever read those labels?

I say this in the most loving way ever because I want you to be around for a long, long time: ingredients you can't pronounce should not be going into your sweet body.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Kirby, I know! But I'm addicted. I need an intervention. Besides, there's nothing like a shot of maltodextrin to kick start the day.

Danette Haworth said...

I used to be addicted to the hazelnut until I got married and received a cappuccino machine as a wedding gift, which I use three times a day.

Kirby has some interesting ideas.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Okay, so now I have to decide between beer and cappuccino. haha