Monday, January 11, 2010

My quest continues

Okay, now I'm REALLY obsessed with finding the old version of Cafe Francais in the blue label (as opposed to the supposedly new and improved).

Some blog readers have given me good suggestions (especially Kirby Larson, who told me to switch to beer).

One person got me to this message board where I see I am not alone in my outrage. I wrote a few scathing letters. I'm sure that will do the trick.

But in the meantime, I took another suggestion and hit the local Job Lot.

They had Fat City Coffee ("with Chutzpah"):

They had Extra Caffeinated Santa's Breakfast Buzz:

They had Fudge Brownie Coffee:

They had Nutt'n But Kisses Valentine Coffee Collection:

And they had Sumatran Vanilla Latte:

But, alas, no Cafe Francais with a blue label.
So I went to a few grocery stores.
Nope, only the NEW AND IMPROVED:

So then I got really desperate and went to the Dollar Tree:

They had Pampa Instant Coffee:

And Ameretto Cappuccino Supreme (with highly questionable expiration dates):

And Mazel Original Coffee Mix with Sugar & Creamer added (yum!):

But, alas, no Cafe Francais with a blue label.

I am doomed.


Ann Finkelstein said...

I wish I'd know about Extra Caffeinated Santa's Breakfast Buzz when my kids were small.

Megan Germano said...

Darn! Sorry I no help! I read Amazon and people are REALLY outraged. :) That may be an exaggeration but...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe security wasn't called in the stores with you taking all these pictures!!!


Bill said...

You have me LAUGHING out loud at your photos and outrage...well placed outrage of course. I hope you don't mind, but I included the picture of you with your beloved International coffee on my Looking for Newbery post for January 12.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Bill, of course I don't mind!

Beth S. said...

I'd say you've got a coffee conundrum!

Mary Lee said...

Just think of all the material you are accumulating for your next book(s)!!

Pearl Curry said...

I see the product I'm looking for but can't find a store or company who sell it. It's the Mazel original coffee sticks. Oh where can I find it. I'm getting desperate.