Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My husband and I went out to dinner.

On the way home, it was dark and snowing.

Just as we were driving past a shopping center, I said, "Quick! Turn in here."

What he said: "Oh, geez, you're not going to look for that stupid coffee of yours, are you?"

What I thought: "Oh, be quiet and just give me some money, wouldya?

What I said: "Well, yeah, I thought I might just take a peek. Do you have some money on you? Do you need anything while we're here?" *smiles sweetly*

He handed me a twenty.

I dashed in.

Raced to the coffee aisle.


There were seven, SEVEN, SEVEN cans of blue-label Cafe Francais.

I didn't even have a basket with me. I just scooped those suckers up.

I hurried to the checkout.

Those cans were $4.49 each!!

I threw them down on the checkout and said, "Guard those with your life. I'm going to get more money."

I raced outside and yanked the car door open.

What I said: "I need more money."

What he said: "Oh, good grief, are you kidding me?"

What I thought: "Oh, just be quiet and give me the dang money, wouldya?"

What I said: "Oh, just be quiet and give me the dang money, wouldya?"

I grabbed another twenty, raced back inside, paid for those darling little cans, and I am happy.

The End

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devin said...

You may have already talked about this, but is that INSTANT coffee? You so don't strike me as an instant coffee drinker!

Cameron said...

coffee is good but a book is better our class is reading how to steal a dog And i know what is better then books PIE!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Alas, yes, INSTANT coffee. Heh.... (But pie sounds good, too!)

Cameron said...


Coffee is good! but instant coffee i'm only 9 and I like coffee WOOHOO

David said...

You guy's are talking about coffee. Cake is the best and the book how to steal a dog.

Langston said...

I have read How to Steal a Dog and I think it is a great book and i like when he dug a hole or something the old lady she would just be ok with it. I thought it was cool to she owed her own steet.

Cameron said...

i go to kinkaid i have a question do you want to be a visting our school

Barbara O'Connor said...

Cameron: I have visited Kinkaid before - quite a few years ago. Tell you librarian I said hello.

Langston said...

If you can please come to kinkaid ms.papadakes class

Cameron said...

I am Cameron's teacher! We will be sure to tell Mrs. Germann hi from you! We LOVE How to Steal a Dog!!! We are headed to our classroom right now to read it! Have a great afternoon!!!
Cameron and Ms. Papadakes

Callie said...

My class absulutly loves you writing. By the way, We told our librarian you said hello.

Karen said...

This is totally unrelated to your lovely coffee, however, did you see the mention Popeye and Elvis got in Fuse 8's Newbery predictions?!! Couldn't agree with her more!

Mary Lee said...

Here's the post I want to see next: Cafe Francais: The Rationing Plan.

Cameron said...

here's the post i want to see next destory the destroyers of cafe francais

Caroline O. said...

I have never tried coffee but it sounds good.

Jordan said...

I have tried coffe once, I didn't really like it.