Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1. Open eyes 2. Get out of bed 3....

I write down everything (or I forget it). This is the time of year I throw out my old datebook. I'm always a little amazed to look back and see the minutiae of my days.

The above page says:

Apple Store - return mouse
Call Rita - Matty
Train - May 21
Card - Amy
Easter stuff away

The Winery - Oysters @ $1 each [hey, come on, that's a good deal!]
Rose's Sweet & Sour (2)
Thistle seed
Popeye review list
Target - photo album
Bubble wrap
Orzo salad
Change train

Leave $ for Crystal - 20th and note re: 5/12
Dump [note: we have to take our own trash to the dump]
Write blog paragraph for NCTE [this was the only one not marked off. hmmm]
Clean basement
Canned dog food
Make stationery with books
Foreign rights - Greetings - Japanese

The above week was jam packed with important stuff:

Send Popeye review list to FSG
Put golf club on eBay [heh - I never did do that]
Janet - travel?
Lamp shade
email Frances and Lisa
Dixie - pitching wedge [I have no idea what that means]

Call Moyni regarding tax ID and mom's annuity $
Transfer $ to tax savings acct
Foodies - beets/grapefruit
Get rental car voucher

Clean basement [hey, I thought I already did that on April 15]
Thaw ribs & tips
Staples - print ms
Janet - travel
sunflower seeds
copy sub stuff

Marcilene tomorrow
Marinate tips
Peat pots
Call Linda

There! See how important my life is. Ha Ha


Anonymous said...

"Janet - Travel" twice....I'm stumped! I sure hope it was a trip for me! JAZ

TamraW said...

Oh my goodness! I keep THREE calenders like that! One for personal stuff that hangs on the wall for quick reference . . . one wall hanger for the campground (and it moves to the camp office come spring) and then one like you've shown above with EV-ERYTHING in it. I even keep them in my Hope Chest when the year is done. Someday, I hope someone will look at them and say, "Wow! She was an incredibly busy woman! I'm so impressed!"


Grant said...

I like How To Seal a Dog it is grate!!!!!

Portia Pennington said...

These lists are very comforting, and the fact that the basement (apparently) never got cleaned, is the most comforting of all, as I slave away avoiding my own lists and, apparently, since I'm typing this comment at the moment, avoiding my own writing.

Thanks for sharing...thanks for the humor!