Monday, October 11, 2010

The journey continues

I've gotten all tangled up in my work in progress and found myself spinning my wheels.

I like the writing.

But it's just that: writing that I like.

It doesn't feel like I'm writing to a goal.

And actually I'm not. I don't have an ending and it's becoming obvious in the writing.

So I spent a day trying to sort out the plot by making a chart. I've NEVER done that before!

The problem is that I have multiple viewpoints and they weave in and out, so I was losing track of what was going where.

There's still one element of the story that has me stumped:

I even drew a little map of the setting. (Good artist, huh?)


Kathleen Armstrong said...

I finished Owen Jester and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great ending. Thanks for another great story.

Lisa said...

I love this idea, Barbara! I'm currently working on a book with multiple POVs, too, and it's a beast!

Anonymous said...

Hi barbara; Annette Gast from St. Louis again! Could my fourth graders write to you? My fifth graders wrote to you last year and loved it.
My fourth graders are writing letters right now and they would love to send them to you! Could we have your address again?

My email is

Thank you!