Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you, Mercer, Pennsylvania!

Check this out!

Mercer, Pennsylvania chose How to Steal a Dog for their 2010 "Mercer Reads" program.


lucie1067 said...

Wow! That is fantastic.

-- Karen

Karen said...

I love that they sponsor a community-wide reading together, and the double bonus is that they chose How To Steal A Dog. All of the signs are great!

janice said...

How exciting it is to see "Our Town" on your blog!! Tomorrow I will share this with all the students of Mercer Elementary. I will also share it with the merchants of the Mercer community. They will be pleased and surprised to see their signs on your blog. We loved your book. Thank you for posting this.

Thanks again,

Janice Langdon,
Mercer Elelmentary Librarian

Barbara O'Connor said...

This was a tremendous honor for me, Janice! I loved seeing the photos.

fourth grade students said...

We loved listening to How to Steal a Dog. Every student in third grade listened to the book and thought it was awesome! It taught us some good lessons in life. Thank you for writing this wonderful book.

The "Now" Fourth Grade Students of Mercer Elementary

Caitlyn said...

The book how to steal a dog is so cool! I never put the book down!

Harmony said...

the book is great. thank you for writing the book!

jordon said...

I loved the book. It had great
details. It is one of the greatest books I have read!!


Barbara O'Connor said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the book!