Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A big mess

This looks like a big mess.

But by Friday, it will be in the mail.

It will be in the mail.

And it will not be a big mess.


Karen said...

This is so exciting! Are the post-it notes yours, your editor's, or both? Always exciting to know you are writing/revising/editing another book!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Notes are mine. This is the first draft. Editor hasn't seen it yet. Wish me luck. :-)

moe_henzel said...

My daughter, Molly Rose, age 9, is reading your book, How to Steal a Dog. She is in 3rd grade and is really enjoying it. Thank you for writing such wonderful books with engaging topics to talk about. Molly's daddy was wondering if there was a certain reason you wrote this book. We searched the internet for print resources to read and/or videos to watch regarding this and had a bit of a hard time finding things. Thanks again.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks for writing! I love the name Molly Rose! You must be from the South. (You said "daddy". Love that)

I saw a sign for a little lost dog named Willy. The owner was offering $2000 reward. So it got me thinking about that and what happened to the dog.

I don't know why Georgina presented herself to me as being homeless. Just came to me and made me wonder what that would be like for a little girl.

Thank you for writing and hello to Molly Rose.