Friday, March 18, 2011

Points of View

My work-in-progress has eight points-of-view.

Yes, you heard me correctly.


A tad challenging to keep track of.

Where did I leave off with that character? What is the setting? What time of day is it? etc etc

Then there was the problem of spacing them out. Were they balanced enough?

Being a visual person, I devised several ways to do that.

First, I have my beautiful color-coded outline in Scrivener:

Then I have my little color-coded index cards:

Then I have these awesome folders called "Collections." I can see all of the chapters of one point of view consecutively:

Then there's the more archaic devise of a chart showing the point of view of all 56 chapters:


Kirby Larson said...

wow! This is absolutely amazing. I got a headache trying to track it all. I love that "Collections" folder -- is that something you created or is it available on Scrivener?

You are the Queen!

Barbara O'Connor said...

It's a Scrivener feature. Cool, huh?

malissa32 said...

WOW! Thanks for the peek into your organization. I'm not technical enough to swing all of that. I loved the actualy paper documentation. I am reading Popeye and Elvis right now and laughing out loud!

Anonymous said...

So, this is the backstory to making it all look easy and effortless? Holey moley! JAZ