Monday, May 2, 2011

An Eatin' Man

Remember how Jethro Bodine was an Eton man?

Those Southerners sure do eat!

During my recent trip to South Carolina, I took a stroll down memory lane to see some of the foods I remember well, and some I had forgotten about.

I remember mustard greens but I had forgotten about crowder peas.

Grits, grits, many kinds of grits. (I love 'em.)

I LOVE these Nekot cookies. I can't find them where I live now so I always buy a bunch to bring home.

I grew up near the Duke's mayonnaise factory. It's the best! My sister always takes some back to Ohio with her when she visits the South.

My mother always forced me to eat fried okra, despite much gagging on my part. But I love pickled okra. Back in my hippie days, I had a huge vegetable garden and grew okra. The plant has GORGEOUS flowers.

The Piggly Wiggly had the world's largest collection of pork rinds. WHAT is better than cold beer and pork rinds? I once had a friend who was obese. He went on a doctor-approved pork rind diet and lost a ton of weight. Seriously. (They have no carbs. A little fat, but, hey....)

I picked these up at a convenience store. They were really tasty. 350 calories a bag.

These are still sitting in my cupboard. Yum.

Another food I was forced to eat despite much gagging. (But fresh, of course, and with lots of fatback.)

I have no memory of chicken feet in my childhood, but they sure are popular at the Piggly Wiggly.

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