Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love kids

I've been doing a writing workshop at one particular school for many years now (13!!). Years ago, a kid asked me what I do about writer's block and I told him I eat a lot of Oreos. The next day, the teacher brought in Oreos and milk. (What a cool teacher, huh?)

So each year after that, the teacher has one of his students ask me that question so they can have Oreos and milk. (Sometimes I tease them and tell them I eat steamed broccoli. hahaha They hate that.)

This year, I received this from a student at that school:

I like your cure for writer's block. I think our whole class should get writer's block more often.

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Anonymous said...

That is my cure for writer's block, too! (Actually, Oreos are my cure for just about everything.)