Wednesday, October 19, 2011


How to Steal a Dog was featured on NBC Nightly News last night in a piece about helping kids cope with this tough economy.

This is the preview.

And this is the piece that aired.

I'm happy to have this wonderful exposure, but, is bittersweet. I wish the economy weren't such that this kind of bibliotherapy is needed.


Anonymous said...

Normally your posts and pics make me laugh or just shake my head in wonder. This one made tears run down my face. You do make a difference in these kid's lives B.


Linda said...

I have always known that your books matter to kids. I hope you have, too. But how wonderful to see that difference acknowledged in this way.
I am glad that you and your book is there for Brooke and for all of us.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

How humbling and amazing, Barb! I know it's hard to see it featured with real life kids going through this kind of trauma and stress in their own families, but YOUR book has made a difference in their lives in a real, and very personal way. That has got to be satisfying. xoxo

Alice said...

How do you get ideas for fiction?
Don't forget I am one of them that skyped from Kinkaid.

Alice said...

What do you like story mountain, story board, web or list.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Alice, I get ideas from things around me as well as from my imagination.